About SWCorp


SWCORP is a leading manufacturer of bath products. We specialize in medical walk-in tubs –Meditub, steam bath generators –Steam Spa, and free standing and drop-in whirlpool bathtubs- Atlantis Whirlpools, and trend leading fashion fixtures – ANZZI. Our mission is to provide aesthetically pleasing, reliable and affordable bathing solutions to homeowners, facilities, and people with special needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and supplying America with luxury and comfort.

SWCORP's Story

Starting out as a niche-category retailer, SWCORP has been able to quickly establish a manufacturing and distribution business-to-business operation, extending its line of products and entering new US and International markets.

Our Brands

SWCORP operates under a number of brand names including but not limited to Medtub, Atlantis Whirlpools, SteamSpa and ANZZI


Headquartered in Florida, SWCORP’s manufacturing facility employs a number of labor and operational staff members for which it ensures safe and pleasant working conditions.