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SWCORP™, also known as Spa World Corporation, was established in 2005 and has since become one of the nation’s leading providers of in home luxury brand bathtubs and fashion fixtures. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have entrusted SWCORP™ to deliver high-end quality products that aesthetically and functionally enrich their quality of life. SWCORP™ brand products can be found in the nation’s largest home improvement dealers as well as the globes more trusted internet stores.

Starting out as a niche-category retailer,SWCORP™ has been able to quickly establish a manufacturing and distribution business-to-business operation, extending its line of products and entering new US and International markets. SWCORP™ is known to customers and clients for its superior products, combined with affordable pricing and outstanding customer and technical support practices. Its nationwide network of dealers and representatives cover all US states and territories, providing quick and reliable sales, marketing, and technical services.

Operational Processes and Procedures

Headquartered in Florida, SWCORP™ manufacturing facility employs a number of labor and operational staff members for which it ensures safe and pleasant working conditions. Quality control practices comply and exceed local and national regulations, supporting the United States codes of business and operational conduct.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

SWCORP™ approach to quality and pricing resembles company’s perception on ethical and corporate responsibilities. Materials used to manufacture products and accessories are environment-friendly.SWCORP™ also uses the latest innovations in manufacturing technologies, aimed towards reducing soil and atmosphere deterioration, as well as compliance with energy saving codes. Components and operational modules of our products follow the global GoGreen™ movement.

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