Become our Dealer

To become our dealer, please fill out the form which is accessible by pressing the ‘Enquire Now‘ button below. Once the dealer application is submitted and evaluated, a representatives will contact you with further instructions.

Web and Traditional Marketing Initiatives

SWCORP marketing initiatives cover the most effective ways of delivering the intended advertisement message, utilizing traditional and web marketing channels. The company’s business structure includes traditional business-to-business operation with a wide variety of IT integration and support capabilities, as well as a strong e-business domain, using innovative marketing approaches (such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search management (CPC/PPC), e-commerce integration (per client’s request), and affiliate marketing).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SWCORP is a client-driven entity, which builds business and operations around a client’s preference. Our tech and sales professionals are ready to assist clients with any request, allocate additional resources towards achieving a mutual business goal, or to assist with any technical questions or concerns. Our customer and technical support departments are also ready to directly assist the client’s end-customers with any inquiries.

EDI and Supply Chain Network Integration

SWCORP Dealer Login portal is a centralized supply chain management (SCM) platform, which uses an internal SQL server database, controlled by a Microsoft .NET platform. The platform offers reliability and infinite scalability. Modules of the SWCORP dealer login can be easily integrated into the a client’s proprietary intranet applications.

Field Marketing and Sales

SWCORP employs a nationwide network of dealers and representatives all over the United States and territories. The coverage of our authorized locations is extended to certain areas of South America and the EU. To find a dealer or a rep in your areas, please visit our Contact section.

Dealer Opportunities