Private Label

About SWCORP Private Label Program

SWCORP partnership opportunities include a private label option through which clients brand SWCORP’s products using their own or alternate brand name. Such an approach helps clients in price protection and product mix expansion initiatives. The benefits of offering a larger spectrum of products to end customers can become a key driver of business success as well as increasing competitiveness in a dynamic industry. Private label clients receive full right to brand, distribute, and represent the SWCORP product line(s) under the intended name, while receiving a full support from our nationwide network of dealers, representatives, customer service, and information technology professionals.


The standard procedure of launching a private label partnership model consists of three phases. The first phase consists of evaluation of negotiation of payment and operational terms. SWCORP professionals work hard to deliver the value our clients require. Each account is given a unique, customized solution, which meets the client’s business needs and matches the company’s strategic and operational goals. The second phase of marketing and technical data integration establishes a reliable connection between the SWCORP internal IT resources and the client’s end-customer retailing platform. The third phase of the private label program provides comprehensive benchmarking reports dedicated to determine the efficiency and viability of the partnership. Based on the evaluation, SWCORP is open to contribute its own resources to implement new strategies and tactics for increasing the partnership’s efficiency. This includes joint advertisement programs such as print, paid search, and direct marketing campaigns.

Become our Private Label Partner

Private label partnership with SWCORP secures companies investments by using proprietary brand names on agreed-upon products, expanding the partner’s inventory and providing additional market share in the industry. Using a third-party or partner’s brand name protects both companies’ pricing policies.

Information Technology Support

The SWCORP IT division specializes in establishing stable and reliable channels of exchanging data and information such as traditional and customized EDI, logistics, payment processing, and order procurement E-supply chain network applications. Clients and partners gain access to the company’s proprietary intranet application, featuring order inventory and procurement control mechanisms.

Customer Service Support

Choose between client and source company customer service support. Redirection of end-user technical inquires to our highly-knowledgeable staff ensures the highest-standard of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform provided by SWCORP. Client-side customer service handling is another option. Representatives from various departments and divisions are always here to help. Each enquiry is treated equally, leaving no calls, questions, and requests unanswered.

Marketing and Creative Content

The SWCORP marketing department is ready to supply clients and partners with appealing marketing literature and materials. We allow our clients to customize creative content by providing source copy materials. The marketing division specializes in launching join advertisement initiatives and providing comprehensive, optimized performance reports to help gauge effectiveness of marketing strategies.

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